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Default A Visual of Mersenne factor k value residues

I made a chart of what percentage of k values(for factors: 2*k*p+1 ) have different residues, modulo the first 25 primes, a few power of two, and a few squares.

The x axis label shows the modulus for each stacked bar. The y axis is % of k values with a given residue.

This data represents all known factors < 2^55 for all Mersenne exponents up to 1e10 (from data). I limited results to 2^55 because all exponents in this range have been factored to at least this limit.

Somewhat interesting that percentage of 0-residues decrease, while 1's increases as the prime modulos grow.

I wrote a small C program to count up the various k residues, output to csv, and used LibreOffice Calc to generate the stacked % bar chart.
Any other similar analysis people would be interested in seeing?
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