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Originally Posted by swellman View Post
Originally Posted by axn View Post
# 131^106+106^131, difficulty: 267.34
# 131^106+106^131, difficulty: 269.37

I don't get this part. IIUC, for getting the sextic, the number had to be multiplied by 131^2*106, whereas for the quintic, there is no such fiddling necessary. So the sextic difficulty should be 6 digits larger.
Output by Yafu. With SNFS it cranks out dozens of potential polynomials then downselects to the best three for test sieving. Perhaps B^2 can shed more light on the various steps of that Kabuki dance.
Indeed, I don't understand the values Yafu is printing. My calculations show the quintic with a difficulty of 265.32 and the sextic with a difficulty of 271.57, so there's axn's 6 digits right there.
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QUEUED AS 8p3_834M

SNFS-251.06 (quartic) C220 HCN (8+3,834M), ECM to t60.
n: 4106609588424447396996222513379693412003124266674309491729863520838604405098468326525117796586140070117851619915391156765666063208322467227650127948824324948835330331474513772746013914096270530047953563697353232926629461
skew: 1.22474
c4: 4
c3: 12
c2: 18
c1: 18
c0: 9
Y1: 834385168331080533771857328695283
Y0: -411376139330301510538742295639337626245683966408394965837152256
rlim: 225000000
alim: 225000000
lpbr: 32
lpba: 32
mfbr: 94
mfba: 62
rlambda: 3.6
alambda: 2.6
Trial sieving 2K blocks.
 Q		Yield
---		-----
50M		2816
90M		3438
130M		3539
170M		3299
210M		3673
250M		3585
290M		3703
330M		3421
Recommend sieving special Q on rational side, 50M - 310M.

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