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Sep 2009

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And the status page show the system load as:
  Load average, last minute   	25.69
 Load average, last 5 minutes 	32.11
Load average, last 15 minutes 	32.41
Which does not look right!

I've had occasional timeouts and proxy errors waiting for factordb to respond as well.

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May 2019
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I noticed the slowdowns/timeouts yesterday, and the disk usage this morning.

About the sequences, i tried looking for a short one (for example the aliquot one starting from 100) and it showed "Checked, new" as the status for all the terms (except the first).
My guess is that it fails to save and/or retrieve the sequence, so regenerates the sequence each time i ask the DB to show me the sequence: this could explain why asking for certain sequences slows the DB down.

Could it be that some tables in the db failed? After all, the numbers seem to be still there.
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"Daniel Jackson"
May 2011

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Also, the graph feature on the Sequences page isn't working:

It gives a broken image.
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"Daniel Jackson"
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Originally Posted by Stargate38 View Post
I started with this prime that I had bookmarked:

When I try to open the More Information section, it won't respond. After that the DB wouldn't respond...
Still happening. Hopefully it gets fixed someday. Also, if I just wait it out, I get a Fehler (Error) 502.

EDIT: Also happens with 112648156947159943866724620^8-1.

EDIT2: Somehow, I ended up using 4749.4 seconds of CPU time, more than double my 2000 second limit. Please fix the problem with 112648156947159943866724620^x-1, as it wastes CPU time, even if you restart your browser.

Last fiddled with by Stargate38 on 2020-10-29 at 23:40 Reason: Other related numbers
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The sequence pages are also returning 502 errors after several minutes. By the way, the limit and help pages should be exempt from the server limits, because they're useless if you can't load them if you've exceeded your limit.
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The table which caches the sequences was marked as crashed. So the sequence table was deleted. Now on first access to a secuence the entries are recreated. This takes cpu time and many DB queries which might exceed your limit. But the second access should be fast.
It will take some time until frequently accessed sequences are recreated.
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Originally Posted by frmky View Post is listed as PRP, but it is composite with the factor 17756960164157539411. When I report the factor, it returns that the factor is already known.
And it also has a factor of 655699597151565630884615214644435550853.
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