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Default NFSNET to factor my own numbers?


Does anybody know if I can use NFSNET to factorize my own numbers?
Or I can only factorize the numbers that are automatically downloaded by BOINC?

I would like to benchmark it against ggnfs or other implementations.

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NFSNET is dead. Maybe you are talking about NFS@Home.

In what way would you like to to benchmark it against ggnfs or other implementations?!?!
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Apr 2012

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Oh, yes
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Default might be useful to you.
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The NFSNET client can be run manually if you give it correctly formatted input files. You will find that it has a difficult time scaling up to large problems, and even if it works you'll find it's much slower than the lattice sievers we use now.

Edit: I see you were asking about NFS@Home; the siever code used there is precisely the same as the one used in GGNFS, with a very few mods to work with BOINC.

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thanks you, I'll see it
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