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Old 2006-11-24, 00:12   #518
Apprentice Crank
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Mar 2006

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790K-826K residues:

edit: Just realized that this is my 100th post
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Last fiddled with by MooooMoo on 2006-11-24 at 00:17
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May 2005

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Originally Posted by MooooMoo View Post
The reason for this is that the board doesn't let me upload files > 97KB, and it will only let me upload a maximum of 1 file per post.
You can always compress result file using... ZIP, then it would be ~70kB total
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Aug 2002

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We've increased the allowed upload size a bit. We hope that helps.

(Zipping files is still encouraged, though.)

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Old 2006-11-26, 11:23   #521
I quite division it
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Feb 2005

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Default k=35 status.

Tested to 700K. Continuing.
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Old 2006-11-27, 06:46   #522
Apprentice Crank
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Mar 2006

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For some reason, k=19 is still listed as tested to n=700K on the 15k search page

I updated the new limit on Nov.24th, and it's not there during the Nov. 26th update :surprised
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Old 2006-11-27, 08:53   #523
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Nov 2003

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Sorry, I forgot to update k=19 limit.

It will be there in the next update, later today (tonight).
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Old 2006-12-01, 18:22   #524
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Nov 2004

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Default Status update for K<300

33 is at 621k
39 is at 891k
69 is at 882k
181 is at 691k
223 is at 1.46M
231 is at 977k
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Old 2006-12-02, 09:40   #525
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Jun 2004

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k=93 completed to n=555k. No new primes found.
It's a tough one, and quite heavy weighted. There are 2260 candidates left until n=600k after sieving to 2.0 trillion
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Old 2006-12-13, 01:35   #526
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Nov 2003

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k=285 completed to n=470k, no new primes.
Stopped, and handed over to RPS 5th Drive.


Last fiddled with by Kosmaj on 2007-11-09 at 02:37 Reason: 287 -> 285
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Old 2006-12-24, 22:14   #527
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Feb 2003

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Default k=191

I'm reserving k=191 for testing the range n=500k-1M.
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Old 2006-12-31, 17:34   #528
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Feb 2003

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I'm reserving the following 24 k in preparation of a future (6th?) RPS Drive:

k=37, 41, 43, 67, 71, 89, 103, 119, 131, 133, 149, 157, 161, 163, 179, 187, 217, 221, 239, 251, 269, 281, 283, 299

These k are of the form k%30 = {7, 11, 13, 29} and are selected for an optimal speed of the sieve (either ProthSieve or RieselSieve).

nmin and nmax will be set to 500k and 1M, respectivelly.
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