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Default The "100 mile high" Club!

We have been thinking about this for a while, so here it goes!

At the bottom of your GIMPS data page, after you log in, there are some pretty charts. One set shows your work for the last year and the other set shows your "Lifetime Stats".

In particular, in the "Lifetime Stats" section, to the right, there is a "Percentile Rank" chart.

Here comes the fun:

If you have 100% for all six bars (TF, P-1, LL, LL-D, ECM and ECM-F) then send us a screenshot of it and we will mark your account in a special way, somewhat similar to the "Location" field, to indicate that you have achieved the necessary requirements to be a member of the "100%" club!

Now, this metric will be checked (casually) every once in a while to make sure you are, indeed, still a member of the "100%" club. If you find that you have fallen below the standard you are welcome to PM us and let us know, so we can (hopefully temporarily) remove the special recognition attached to your account.

Since the PM system does not allow pictures to be attached, send your submissions to and we will take care of the rest. Please indicate in your message what your forum alias is.

Attached is a sample of what we are looking for. (Well, obviously the attachment does not show 100% for the six bars, but this is the section of the screen we need you to send to us.)

We prefer .png images but we will accept whatever you have.

Note: It is incredibly easy to modify the charts in the page source and there is no easy way for us to determine if you have done so, so we will trust that the data sent is legit.

Your data will also be posted in this thread, to honor your achievements and to provide inspiration to others!

If there is interest, we could also have a "90%" club or whatever else you all want.

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That list will be really short... People doing all type of activities are rare, and generally the best LL-ers have no ECM/ECM-F stats, and are not members of the forum (LL is by far the heaviest to reach the top percentile). My advice is to lower the standard, make it 99, 98, even 95, so you can have at least SOME candidates for that list. Except in the case when you already know the person, and this topic has an already known target :D

I could bring my ECM/ECM-F stats to 99% in few days, but to raise the LL would be a long way and many months...
So, how about a 96% club?
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[edit: another idea would be to renounce to one of the bars, or mostly two, for example if a guy has 100% LL, DC, P-1, TF, then he may not be required to be top ECM-er, or other combinations].

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Set the bar at 99%; Invite people to become one of the 1%-ers.

Last fiddled with by sdbardwick on 2012-08-29 at 19:37
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Toss some ideas out and we will set up a poll so you all can choose.

The forum has a "star" function that allows us to choose the color and number of stars to display in the user info box next to every post.

We only have 100% in two categories so we are interested in alternative ideas as well!

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I would have a lot of LL work to do, and I've never done ECM for GIMPS.
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Originally Posted by Xyzzy View Post
Toss some ideas out and we will set up a poll so you all can choose.
Well three other possibilities would be:

1. 100% of at least 3 out of 6 categories.

2. At least 99% on all 6 categories.

3. To be on top 100 list on all categories.

Couldn't we also have a kind of nomination of this years (or half year or three months) greatest effort/find. Which could be anything like facorization to the highest level; The largest factor found; The smoothest k-value; The largest LL. With a kind of nomination procedure and general poll. Something like a Mersenneforums Oscar? And of course there would be something like a goldstar beside that users name?!!!

I mean we could have an Oscar-nomination thread and a poll about which effort / find was greatest that year / period. And anybody can nominate his (or hers!) greatest find/effort.

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Default 6 stars

Well, you have 5 or possibly six categories. Designate them by different stars (bees, snails, icosahedrons or other symbols). 100% could be gold, 99% silver, 98% bronze. The positions of stars could be associated with particular category. Absence of a job type (or not enough percentage) could be empty space or other symbol. I wonder how many will have 6 or even 5 golden stars (1 or 2 people), so if you do not allow some deviation from golden-six rule, your club might be very lonely place .
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How to make sense of these ranks? I have done tons of LL work and only an occasional P-1. My P-1 rank is 96%, while LL is 78%.

Is that just relative to other users doing the same type of work?
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Originally Posted by TObject View Post
Is that just relative to other users doing the same type of work?
Yes. What you're seeing is that a lot more people do a lot more LL work than P-1.
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How about just giving us a star for each 100% we have?
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So, 100% is anywhere from 99.5% to one hundred. Right?
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