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Originally Posted by firejuggler View Post
Happy that the cert is all right. But N/A as success? I don't know what should go there ( or if anything should).
I think "verified" or "verification failed" or some such. We know there are failures sometimes, that have been caused by proxy servers. The result of a CERT assignment is actually pretty important.

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Originally Posted by ATH View Post
Can I run PRP VDF with Gpuowl and turn them in with Manuel Results and then use Prime95 or mprime 30.2 to upload the proof files?
If you use gpuowl's script with proofs it "just works". Also works great with multiple instances of gpuowl with -pool <dir> to gpuowl.

The proof files not-yet-uploaded are in the "proof" dir, and after upload are moved to "uploaded" dir so the user can still keep them for a while, archive them etc. And there's visibility on the status of each proof file ("has it been uploaded yet").

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