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Originally Posted by Pascal Ochem View Post
Yes, it is good to see this one down. Thank you very much, Ryan!
No auto-update, I removed the line from the MWRB file.
The weight of the remaining composites will be updated in a month or so.
732541 is (29^5-1)/28, so (732541^47-1)/732540 was also a composite of interest for lower bounds on the total number of prime factors.
It is presumably worth waiting for the obvious continuations to be attacked a bit before rerunning the tree. Any before and after statistics on tree size etc would be appreciated.
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In case anyone is interested, here's the full msieve log for 732541^47-1.

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Pascal Ochem
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The new list of roadblock composites is here
and the old one is here
Most of the changes are due to the recent factorizations of sigma(3^660) and sigma(732541^46).
Notably, the weight of sigma(6115909044841454629^16) drops from 79580833 to 67959517 and
the weight of sigma(127^192) drops from 29196565 to 14190689.
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