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Originally Posted by EdH View Post
. . .
I am currently doing all the preliminary work for a table to be added for 2310. I'm not sure if I will color in the transparent cells or not (like before with 30030).
All the preliminary work is done for table 2310 (opens at 100* or better dd, all matched parity terminated with primes). There is one merge:
2310^1:i1 merges with 1578:i4
*ECM was not performed on final composites.
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Originally Posted by richs View Post
Reserving 439^26 at i373.
439^26 is now at i515 (added over 140 iterations) and a C131 level with a 2^2 * 3 * 7 guide, so I will drop this reservation. The remaining C120 term is well ecm'ed and is ready for NFS.

Reserving 439^28 at i407.
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n=24 is done to i=20, and I'm releasing the sequences below that limit. Next, I'll bring n=21, i=70 to 80 up to C120 co-factors.
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