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Originally Posted by Xyzzy View Post
If so, it could be the weird font we use.

Those are characters. Nothing to do with fonts.
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Originally Posted by EdH View Post
I couldn't find such in the search I did, but it's quite possibly there. I'm thinking the easier solution is to direct forum messages elsewhere. (Or, not worry about what the subject says, since they are mostly just the same note that something has occurred and the real info is within the text body, anyway.)
Thunderbird would tie me to a machine. I actually did that a few years ago, but now those messages are effectively lost due to machine changes. Keeping the messages on the cloud allows me to get them from many different tablets, lap/desktop systems. I'm often looking for older messages.

Thanks for all the suggestions.
You probably want to use IMAP rather than POP3. It leaves the emails on the server.
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Originally Posted by Xyzzy View Post
We will change the emails to use normal characters.

Edit: Done!

Et voilĂ ! All is now readable. Thanks!

Originally Posted by henryzz View Post
You probably want to use IMAP rather than POP3. It leaves the emails on the server.
Yeah, I remember there was some setting I had done to be able to get them to Thunderbird, but then they disappeared from the web. And, actually, at the time, they didn't readily show up in Thunderbird. I had to "find" them in something other than the Inbox. But, that was long ago, so my memory is somewhat fuzzy.
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