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Originally Posted by xilman View Post
I can have as many as I want but four seems to work well in practice
I always set my Fedora MATE(*) environments to have 36 virtual desktops (six by six). And within a few days, they're all populated with different project windows (different groups of virtual desktops for different projects).

I haven't yet taken the steps to expand this (requires recompiling the WM), but for myself, I think ten by ten would be just about perfect.

It's wonderful being able to press "Cntl-Alt Arrow-keys" to quickly navigate between the virtual desktops. To move a window between the virtual desktops I right-click on the window's title bar, and then either move up, down, left or right, set it to be always on the visible desktop, or send it to a numbered (or named) desktop.

Lastly, yes... Finally, Wincrows 10 has (begun) to catch up with this UI ability. Still can't have multiple rows in a grid configuration though. And I've found the keyboard shortcuts to navigate between them often don't work correctly.

* I usually use Fedora Mate for my workstations, and CentOS for my server environments.
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Originally Posted by xilman View Post
By far the greatest improvement in my productivity comes from having four* virtual workspaces between which I can switch with a mouse click and drag a window from one to another. Been using this for many years and was pleasantly surprise that Win10 finally caught up.
Is there a window manager anywhere which lets you assign N workspaces to M monitors, rather than having N workspaces each the size of the whole monitor collection? Having code on one monitor and either JIRA or the PDF of the reference manual on the other with instant flicking between them would be very pleasant.
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Having multiple virtual desktops each potentially with remote or virtual machines with virtual desktops of their own can be quite confusing to work with. What I find useful is to have different wallpapers that helps by knowing where you are working at. It would have been useful if you could have the built in windows sticky notes on each desktop to remind of the task at hand but the notes can only be present in one virtual desktop at a time. As an alternative I open a notepad on each describing the work in progress.
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