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Question Reading CPU Temperature

Does anyone know of any code that I can place in an app to read the cpu's core temperature sensor?
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I would be suprised if there is any simple bit of code. I believe it would be processor and motherboard dependant.
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Peter Nelson
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It does depend on the chip used on the motherboard.

However there are some common chips that would cover most mobos with this capability.

As for source code to read them....

Well check out the sensors library under linux which I think uses I2C protocol to communicate with the sensor chip. Sometimes different scaling factors are used to calculate temp. There is also GUI monitor to run under KDE which gets figures from sensors.

lm-sensors at....

HOWEVER DO *NOT* USE THIS ON AN IBM THINKPAD!!! Read readme about probs so maybe need to detect ibm and exit monitoring if you dont want to lockup user's thinkpad very nastily. This prob doesn't affect other manufacturers. (gui reporting of results from lm-sensors)

You are advised to download, compile and install these on a linux box as I have done to become familiar with them.

Now if you are a windows programmer, the reason I have told you this is that you can go get the linux SOURCE code, read through, see what it is doing, what chips it supports and make a few changes to implement the same stuff under windows.

I assume you are trying to implement similar functionality as Motherboard Monitor into your own app. You should also find it possible to monitor temperatures of certain hard drives if you desired to do so.

Your hope to read temperatures is certainly possible. Sorry there is not a simple Windows API call to do so. Wish you every success.

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