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Default large number factoring in YAFU

how do i send large numbers from a file to yafu to factor.
i tried copy pasting, but it did not work.
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How large is "large"? Yafu has had issues in the past with numbers that are too big. But here is one way to do it:

./yafu "factor(@)" < yourfile.txt

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In WIN you can do this:
create a file called "f.bat" with
echo factor(%1) | yafu-x64
and call in a CLI-window like "f 1234566".
"yafu-x64.exe" and "yafu.ini" have to be in the same folder.
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Haha, so funny Karsten, a little bit roundabout way to do so, if you are anyhow going to create a batch file, just write into it

yafu factor(%1)


yafu factor(12345)

But his problem is not how to call yafu, neither your solution, not mine, solves his problem. Instead of having a batch and typing "f 12345", he could type "yafu factor(12345)" and he doesn't need a batch at all. I don't think his problem is the additional characters to type, but the number itself (to which b2 already responded). You just put a man in the middle (the batch).

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