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Default Overclocking the ASUS P4S800 with 2.40C

Now that I have been running my new system a few weeks, I tried to overclock it. I use a Kingston KVR400X64C25/256 memory stick. First I left memory speed at "auto" (which means 400 MHz) and raised the FSB. Then I could get it to run stable at an FSB of 224 MHz, which means a memory speed of 448 MHz.

Then I used the option in the BIOS to set the memory speed lower. The only other choice was 333 MHz. Then I could increase the FSB to 264 (which would mean a memory speed of 440 MHz). I never managed to get a single error out of Prime95 with this memory speed. Instead the POST failed (or at least the graphics card, since I didn't see anything on the screen). The maximum allowed setting of FSB on the MB was 266 MHz, so perhaps the MB failed. I now run it at 262 so as not to have a system that fails to boot when I haven't got a screen attached to it.

Is the Intel P4 2.40C normally so overclockable? In another thread, I saw that Matthes got roughly the same speed. Also, I never had to raise any voltages. Just the frequency. It also was not very hot (below 55 deg C I think) with the boxed fan.

I now want to buy a new system, to see if I was just lucky, or if all 2.40C's overclock that well. (Always getting an excuse to buy a new system.) Can anyone experienced in overclocking tell me if buying the (cheaper) KVR400X64C3/256 memory stick would prevent me from getting this fast overclock again. (This has CAS latency 3 instead of 2.5.) I understand that Prime95 might run slightly slower, but will it prevent me from overclocking this far?
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Nearly ALL 2.4C are very overclockable. 3GHz should be reachable by nearly all. Above 3GHz its all luck but 3.2GHz isnt too much to ask for from a 2.4C.

SIS based motherboard are not great overclockers. THey have problems running at high FSB like you have. Get an Intel based motherboard based on the i865/875 chipset instead of the SIS ones. MIght wana try to increase the CPU Vcore voltage to see if it is not the cpu limiting the overclock otherwise it must be the motherboards fault.

Kingston DDR400 Cas 2.5 are great overclockers however the cas 3 variants aren't. HOwever I believe the DDR400 cas2.5 are hard to find these days.
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Default Re: Overclocking the ASUS P4S800 with 2.40C

Originally Posted by patrik

Is the Intel P4 2.40C normally so overclockable?
You may wish to read the following:

It´s obviously an extreme situation, but it is a nice overview of the OC capabilities of the CPU.
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I really prefer sites that have "practical" overclocking data - those "liquid Nitrogen" and "Dry Ice" type figures are NOT usable in the real world.

I'm also not overfond of systems (like some of the high-end Koollance and Vaporchill) where the cooling system costs more than the entire rest of the system - I personally prefer to have *2* systems at 80+% of the performance EACH for the same $$$.

On the other hand, I *would* like to see - and *expect* in 5-10 years - water cooling go mainstream. The way CPUs keep pushing more heat through smaller spaces is pushing air-cooling to the limits, and I don't see that tendancy changing....

NIce thing about water-cooling systems - if it's designed right, it will run 24/7 365 days a year, and can easily be designed to dump the CPU heat (and in extreme cases the MB chipset and vid card heat) OUTSIDE where you don't have it fighting your Air Conditioning....

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