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I quite division it
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Default Coincidences

We know that coincidences happen all the time. You are thinking of someone famous and a few minutes later they appear on the TV for example.

But can you relate a personal experience where it made you stop and think or made you laugh?

I'll start.

A couple of years ago we were out walking the dog and a man was waiting for someone outside his house. A car pulls up. The man at the gate says to the driver what sounds like "Peter?". The man nods, gets out of his car and starts getting suitcases from the boot/trunk.
The man at the gate looks confused. It turned out that the man at the gate was waiting for a "pizza" and that was what he had said. The driver was called Peter and was looking for someone's house where he was going to stay.
Made me laugh anyway.

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i was in new zealand last year,most roads i had seen were called streets or avenues.i was walking from one place in town to another and decided to walk down a side street because it looked like it would be a short cut.the name of the street was "wong way",i had a bit of a chuckle because it sounded like wrong to the end of the street and realised i had went the w(r)ong way.

i even took a picture of the sign before i walked down the street.
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On occasion, Facebook makes for some funny coincidences.

Occasionally the succesive updates from different friends make for great funniness. I take screen shots of them and post them to an album. The best every was when 2 changed their statuses from 'single' to 'in a relationship'. Both have many friends in common and they all would have seen it. By posting the screen cap and tagging them, I got some great reactions.
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