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Default Auto updates from mprime

I have starting using mprime on Ubuntu 6.10 which is running along nicely.

My problem is that it never seems to automatically connect to primenet. I can get it to connect when I stop it running and do a mprime -c and then restart it mprime -d but even that is sporadically working.

I'm sure I'm just missing something completely obvious when I installed it in a hurry.

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Start it with mprime -m to get the menu, and then make sure that under 1. Test/Primenet you have selected Use PrimeNet to get work and report results, and under 13. Advanced/Manual communication have selected Contact PrimeNet server automatically. (Then quit and run it how you like, mprime -d etc.) It will then contact Primenet every 28 days, if you didn't specify anything else, and whenever it finishes a result or needs to get new work.

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