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I found this page very interesting

It says some PSU when drawing power from only the 12 V rail will shut down because
the 5 V rail can be out of spec (with no load). So a design with 4 Mini-ITX powered by
Y cables (to put a load on the 5 V rail) and any more ITX power by Pico PSU, might
make the PSU life easier.

The article looks a little dated, but the author sounds like they know their stuff.
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Originally Posted by chalsall View Post
I am aware of that.

Are you aware that such measuring devices are highly inaccurate?
Not true, e.g. the HP428B 1mA to 10A in 9(?) ranges, DC- 400Hz (3dB point), accuracy +/- 3% of full scale (circa 1970)
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Where do you get the clear acrylic sheet from ?
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