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Thanks for the C&P.

Without the names or photos of the suspects I can't give an informed answer.

But that is a dumb way to go about things. And all for only $100k of stuff, living a low quality existence. They should have to aimed higher. If they are past minions then I expect they didn't last very long.
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We found this spider outside (above) our front door. Counting the legs it is easily the size of our hand! It already ate a small green frog.

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Originally Posted by Xyzzy View Post
We found this spider outside (above) our front door. Counting the legs it is easily the size of our hand! It already ate a small green frog.
Looks like a fine, large female specimen of Argiope aurantia - Black and Yellow Argiope - AKA Yellow Garden Spider, Yellow Garden Orbweaver, Writing Spider, Zipper Spider.
Noted most in late summer and early fall, when large females are found in webs.
When I was in grade school, I read a book from the school library about the life cycle of this species, which was the first I knew there was such a spider. The book followed the life cycle of one individual female spider.

It had a lot of good information, including how very young spiders relocate - they point their abdomens up, and send out silk into the air. If there's even a slight breeze, it will pull on the silk. The baby spider lets go, and it is carried on the wind. It can be carried a long way.

The silk sent out this way is called "gossamer," though I didn't learn this from the book.

The book had one thing wrong. It repeated the mistaken idea, current at the time, that spiders avoid being caught in their own webs by oiling their "feet" with a secretion from their mouths. They actually avoid being caught because not all the silk they spin is sticky. And they only step on the non-sticky silk in their webs.

EDIT: Somewhere in my files, I have a photograph of the largest spider I have ever seen apart from tarantulas, which I have only seen in captivity. This spider was in someone's front yard in Colorado Springs, kind of lurking in the landscaping, no web apparent. The homeowners wondered if I could identify it.

As it turned out, I could. It was a large female Heteropoda venatoria or "Huntsman spider." It is native to Central and South America, and has apparently become naturalized in the southeastern US. It occasionally shows up further north, as with the specimen I saw. It is thought to hitch rides in shipments of bananas occasionally, which has led to the common name "banana spider." One of its common articles of diet is cockroaches.

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Karatsuba algo and its evolution

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