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Question "Assignment Overdue" in Individual Account Report?

I've been running Prime95 since mid-1998 and have probably
checked my credit 3 or 4 times in that time.

Today I checked and found the following:
"Assignment overdue check-in is set at 60.0 days (0.0 days to expire)".

Is my system is grinding away on an overdue assignment?
If so, how do I clear it and get back to usefull work?
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Numbers are required to have check-ins every 60 days to make sure progress is still occuring.. That note indicates that the exponents will expire at that 60 day limit. If you're always connected and/or allow prime95 to update exponents on it's own, it will perform check-in's automatically.

If the exponent you are testing is still listed below that note in the details, then it is still assigned to you. The actual number of days until any particular exponent will expire is listed under the "exp" column.
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Originally Posted by EQG View Post
"Assignment overdue check-in is set at 60.0 days (0.0 days to expire)".
(Just to be sure there's no misunderstanding)

The quoted sentence is a perfectly normal status message.
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