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Question Unreserve question

I realize that I was insufficiently careful. I did let P95 make backups and I did back up the backups by hand occasionally, but I should've put _those_ backups offline.
My computer recently became .. compromised. I really wasn't able to run anything with confidence and Gimps wasn't at the top of my priorities so I didn't think to save my working (and queued) exponents before I re-installed WinXP. Now the computer acts clean and shiny, but I hate holding on to that work. Can I retrieve it to unreserve it? I haven't yet installed the new P95 on that machine, so it is possible that it would magically connect to the work it had been doing, but that seems unlikely.
I will be grateful for any advise or suggestions.
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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Now the computer acts clean and shiny, but I hate holding on to that work. Can I retrieve it to unreserve it? Hollie
Well you could just wait 60 days until they expire themselves OR you could include your userid and the man-in-charge could do it for you. My guess is with all the goings on since the upgrade he may prefer the first option.
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Thank you. My id is hb2math and the computer name was probably "first Acer" but I wouldn't want to swear to that. I have a few other computers that are also running and I'm upgrading them to the new version now.
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Was hb2math your v4 username? Go ahead and create your new v5 id + password (if you haven't already), and then link your v4 account (presumably, this would be hb2math). I would think that your assigned exponents would then show up under your "Assignments" report, from which you could delete the unwanted exponents one-by-one.

Incidentally, I kind of wince at the thought of unreserving any exponent assigned to me...I mean, what if I unreserve an M47-to-be??!
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