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I think this job is a "not yet":
As we get more data from C200-C210 jobs, we will become better able to choose parameters and estimate relations-needed.
As GPUs with large memory become more common, we will have more matrix-solving resources.
In the short run, there are other more interesting numbers to spend our "team" resources on- such as 3,748+ that is just getting going.
Let's table this for 6 months or so.
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Originally Posted by VBCurtis View Post
I think this job is a "not yet":
Agreed. This is over 3 times harder than 3,748+ so let's get that done first.

Alternatively Ryan and Greg could probably factor this number in under 2 weeks if they want.
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Maybe they already did, but don't want us to steal the downdriver
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If someone felt like doing the polynomial selection, I'd probably be willing to sieve this.
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Given how 2021 has gone 'round the forum, pretty sure that means you'll have a record-scoring poly within a month or so.

Edit: Helps if I scroll up and re-read to recall that there's already a strong poly for this, and it just needs test-sieving. I'll take that on, but not in the next few days.

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