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Mar 2006

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It's done:

The Wiki contains all history entries from this thread up to the last post.

There're many reservations ongoing for several years or no information of unreserving given in this thread.
For k=255 there were no other information, although it seems to be checked to n=2M.

Please check your reservations on the current table here.

To keep the work minimal, report any status with new work done in this thread about all 3 months; every few days or a month seems too much, and the efforts may be less while n is increasing.

Any erros or missing primes please post in the Wiki thread here.
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Mar 2007

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Beautiful work - the table is a joy to explore around in. I was kind-of sad to see all the outdated tables trying to do the same thing and trying to make sense of the situation regarding a k.

I remember when I first joined up ages ago the situation with k<300 was probably as messy as it was here until now. Back then I just ended up choosing my own huge k and ran that due to it being the path of least resistance. With the table and reservations cleanly laid out (and hopefully kept up to date) it is much easier for (new?) people to come and run numbers in k<300.
Thank you!
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Feb 2005
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Wow, looks like I have some k's not updated in years. Here's a full update:
k=13 4.4M active on 2 cores
k=45 3.65M active on 2 cores
k=93 2.63M active on 1 core
k=99 2.6M reserved
k=109 4M reserved
k=127 7.1M active on 2 cores
k=167 3.15M active on 1 core
k=197 3.02M reserved EDIT: Unreserved, reserved by kuratkull
k=201 3.2M active on 2 cores
k=229 2M active on 2 cores (just started again, forgot this one)
k=231 2.35M active on 2 cores
k=249 unreserved

k's above 300 I still work on:
k=405 2M
k=443 3.49M
k=2115 1.56M
k=2145 1.56M
k=2175 1.56M

The folks with 213 and 31/221 reserved are former students of mine; I'll drop them each a note and ask for an update.

Last fiddled with by VBCurtis on 2020-03-13 at 17:02
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Feb 2005
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k=197 released to Kuratkull, who will now have 193-195-197 all reserved.

kuratkull- if/when I locate results from 3000k-3020k, I'll post them to this thread for you.
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Mar 2006

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Thanks for the info.
Updated your last results, for Steven: look at k=207 also.

So the history helps here to remind contributors.
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May 2005

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Default status report

k=25 tested till n=5.19M
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Nov 2008
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Originally Posted by Cruelty View Post
k=25 tested till n=5.19M
Added to Prime-Wiki.
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Jul 2003

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reserving k=89 n=3000000 to ?
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"Erling B."
Dec 2005

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k=83 at n=3.2M and continuing.
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