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Default Van Buskirk/DJB's Tangent FFT

Date: 12 Aug 2007 16:55:34 -0000
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From: "D. J. Bernstein" <>
Subject: The tangent FFT
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If you're using the complex-floating-point split-radix FFT, you can gain
a constant factor in total floating-point operations (asymptotically
more than 5%!) by switching to the tangent FFT:

The operation count is due to Van Buskirk. The algorithm in my paper has
the virtue of being simultaneously simple, in-place, and cache-friendly.

I haven't seen a serious analysis of the impact of Van Buskirk's ideas
for cost measures more complicated than counting arithmetic operations.
The Johnson-Frigo paper on the topic claims that practical performance
of FFTs is "unpredictable"; I see no justification for this claim, and
my own FFT optimization experience tells me that the opposite is true.
Has anyone tried a serious implementation of Van Buskirk's FFT?

- ---D. J. Bernstein, Professor, Mathematics, Statistics,
and Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago
Could this be of interest for Prime95? (Note: I have not read the paper yet.)

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~5.5 percent speedup in every single Lucas-Lehmering, P-1ing, ECMing, cotton-picking FFT, and Bernstein's way of explaining makes me think of finally (41 years after first wondering what "Cooley-Tukey" on all those other printouts meant) plunging in to learn how FFT works!

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