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Aug 2003
Snicker, AL

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Default Your own website and what its about.

I'm interested in seeing how many visitors to this forum have their own website. I suspect many will be math oriented. Please post your website and a few lines describing it. If you don't have one, feel free to post that too. Please note, this is not for advertising, that would be misusing the forum!

Here's mine. - I produce and sell tomato and pepper plants and seed. I garden as a hobby that gets me out of the house and away from the computer I stare at 12 or more hours per day to earn a living. Its turned into a small but growing business.

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Aug 2003

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Default A math project that focusses on completing factorizations of Lucas numbers. Small scale project where i still have to develop good stats. (note that the website it selfs uses port 81 instead of port 80 which is also active but for other purposes)
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Gary Edstrom
Oct 2002

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My Web Page

I have posted numerous digital images that I have taken. My primary interest is in Midway Island. I spent 1 year on Midway during my time in the Navy in the mid '70s. To see what I looked like in 1974 & today, Click Here. Here is the Communications Bunker where I worked. Here is the classic Gooney Bird picture with their heads pointed skyward. Here is what they sound like.

You may be a Redneck if...

Las Vegas at night.

Tokyo Disneyland

Oklahoma City bombing victims memorial.

A-Bomb Dome, Hiroshima, Japan.

I run my web server on the same machine that I run Prim95 on. I also have it set up to accept VPN connections from my laptop when I am on the road. It is also the machine I do most of my web surfing on.
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Sep 2003
Borg HQ, Delta Quadrant

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I have a small website of my own, but it hasn't been updated in eons. Maybe since I don't think anyone either than myself has ever visited it so there isn't really any point. I'll get some publicity eventually though...
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Bemusing Prompter
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Dec 2002

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My math site:
and my forums:
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Aug 2002
Team Italia

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Well, I'm working on it since... too much time will host maths and Web based hints says it all should be upgraded soon with new stats and background pages. was my first home page that I maintained for affective purposes only.

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May 2003
New Haven

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Home for ElevenSmooth, a project to factor highly composite Mersenne Numbers. In particular, the Meresenne with 11-smooth exponent 2^3326400-1.
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Jun 2003
Russia, Novosibirsk

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Default - Russian GIMPS Team web-site
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Pablo the Duck
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Dec 2003
Team China

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Home to:
  • The Unofficial Ted Hawkins Homepage
It stared out as my tribute to a great singer and other fans helped to turned it into a comprehensive resource.
  • The Unfinished Team China GIMPS Page
And it'll remain unfinished until kwstone stops playing with Zhang Shu and sends me some damn graphics!
  • Some Other Stuff
Local history, holiday snaps, deranged ramblings - the usual.
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Dec 2003
Hopefully Near M48

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My school IT Project (worth 20% of my final grade).
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Orgasmic Troll
Cranksta Rap Ayatollah
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Jul 2003

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as mentioned elsewhere in another thread, I sell math (and science) shirts and accessories
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