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Smile GB servers back

Hi all,

I am pleased to announce that we finally have the GB servers working again, after a VERY long downtime due to a faulty hard drive. The hard drive from another machine, "humpford", has been swapped with dumpford's, and the servers have been moved to the new hard drive.

The one thing I can't get working yet is the web pages. Everything is in place, but I get a "403 Forbidden" error when I try to visit any of the pages except the placeholder page (yes, I'll fix the name on that later). I'm using the lighttpd web server, with the same configuration that worked just fine for both crunchford and dumpford previously. I've verified that all the permissions are set properly--everything in /var/www (the web directory) is owned by user gary and set to 744 permissions, which should allow it to be accessible from outside. The crazy thing is, the root index page is accessible, but not the ones in subdirectories, leading me to believe this may have something to do with subdirectory permissions, though I can't see how just yet. I'll come back to it later today (no time right now). Meanwhile, if anyone's got any suggestions for how to deal with this, they are quite welcome.


P.S.: If anyone's wondering when we're going to get the "real" new server up and running, don't worry, that's moving forward. Hopefully we'll get it up within a week or two. Yes, I know, I said that before...
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