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Default Prime Generators and/or Source Codes

Me and my colleague need a prime generator for our next text project. We'll be working on some of RSA's recent assignments and measure the performance of some methods. To do it, we must use a source code or executable to generate a prime list in a text file, or if possible in real time.

If the program can generate especially n-digit primes, it will be much better. Or it can at least be configured as "generate next n primes after the threshold"

Do you suggest any link for this purpose. I will be glad to hear from you.

Thanks for your help
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The previous link is useful only when you need primes of up to 14 digits, so it does not work for 500-1000 bit primes, as needed in RSA.

You can use my factorization applet at: . It allows formulas to be entered. The functions useful for you are b(x) (previous strong pseudoprime) and n(x) (next strong pseudoprime).

For instance, if you enter n(2^511), it will find the first 512-bit pseudoprime, and then it will apply the APR-CLE algorithm that shows that the 155-digit number in screen is prime. The entire process needs 34 seconds in my Pentium 4.

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You could use the mpz_nextprime() function found in GMP. From the info page:

- Function: void mpz_nextprime (mpz_t ROP, mpz_t OP)
Set ROP to the next prime greater than OP.

This function uses a probabilistic algorithm to identify primes.
For practical purposes it's adequate, the chance of a composite
passing will be extremely small.

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