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Default A blast from the past (exploding whale)

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Originally Posted by xilman View Post
I went to high school in Oregon. My AP Calculus teacher played this story for us on the last day of classes and got a pretty good laugh for himself out of it.

Incidentally, he's also a GIMPS member; wonder if he's on this forum.
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Dr Sardonicus
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LONDON (AP) โ€” Police in Ireland are investigating reports that the body of a dead man was brought to a post office in an attempt to collect his pension.

The Irish Times said a man who appeared to be in his 60s was dragged into the post office in the town of Carlow on Friday, propped up by two younger men. When questioned by staff, the two fled, leaving behind the older man, who was found to be dead.
According to the Irish Times, one of the younger men had inquired about collecting someone's pension and was told that the recipient had to be present. With the help of a companion, he allegedly returned with the dead man's body, the newspaper reported.
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Originally Posted by Dr Sardonicus View Post
I'm sorry, WHAT?
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If I May
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Originally Posted by firejuggler View Post
I'm sorry, WHAT?
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I watched the opening ceremony and was shocked to find the following number of olympians from the two largest nations in the world:
* China (1.4 billion people) - 174 athletes
* India (1.3 billion people) - 1 athlete
* San Marino (0.000034 billion people) - 2 athletes
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It makes me sad to learn that E.Lander (who is a Erdos-connectivity hub node for many applied/hybrid near-mathematicians such as computational geneticists) happened to shoot himself down while maybe in times of Erdos, Nash, or many physicists would have burned up in exactly the same manner but times were different.

In the past, many people were very well known to be rude and obnoxious, while, perhaps, brilliant. This, now, doesn't work at all anymore.
At the risk of sounding rude myself, I could joke that he "R.D.Silverman'd"! (I apologize to R.D.Silverman.)
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Florida rejects 54 math textbooks over โ€˜prohibited topicsโ€™ including critical race theory
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Dr Sardonicus
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The rejected books were not named. The infractions were not specified.

Perhaps the reviewers confounded critical thinking with "critical race theory." Of course, to R's, one is as bad as the other.
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Regarding the text book ban, I assume this is satire:
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A U.S. private citizen has just purchased 46 F-18 Hornets from Australia!!!!!
His previous biggest purchase was 4 MIG-29 Fulcrums.

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