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Default Problem adding a 2nd computer

Hi @all,

i'm new to mersenne, my start on my first computer went very well, the first LL-test is done, second in progress. Adding a second computer i encountered a problem, searching the board probably i missed the right search words (english isn't my mother tongue)., Here is the problem:

The new computer is a linux box with access over ssh. I installed the binary into a folder, startet it and was asked some questions: the answers i gave by copy&paste the informations frome my first prime95 computer (windows xp, menu test -> user information). But now the new computer doesn't appear on my stats page{my_userid}&UserPW={my_password}
Obviously the new computer got work and is working. Here is the prime.log from the new computer:
[Mon Jan 16 08:48:12 2006 - ver 24.14]
Updating computer information on the server
Getting exponents from server
Sending expected completion date for M14844547: Mar 8 2006
[Mon Jan 16 17:22:26 2006 - ver 24.14]
Updating user information on the server
Updating computer information on the server
Sending text message to server:
UID: {new_userid}/{new_computerid}, UID: {old_userid}, User: Karl, {my_email}
The problem seems to be that i got a new userid on this computer while i gave the program my userid from my first computer. And in prime.ini of the new computer i found:
Accessing the stats with the new userid and the new password shows:
Divide by zero occurred.
Mersenne PrimeNet Server 4.0 (Build 4.0.031)
Individual Account Report 16 Jan 2006 20:27 (Jan 16 2006 1:27PM Pacific)
Last activity : 16 Jan 2006 16:22 UTC
Account created: 16 Jan 2006 16:22 UTC

------- Machines Assigned to PrimeNet -------

---------------------- -------
TOTAL, uniquely named : 0
What did i wrong? Now i'm wondering where my computer got lost. I would like to have them both under my account i made with my first computer. How can i fix this?

Regards, Karl
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First to make it easier just copy hte entire prime.ini file across to the new computer. Next force the program to update you can do this by running mprime -m then go to the advanced and manual communication menu.
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Sep 2005

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I tried it different times but my new computer doesn't appear, but i got error messages that the server is not available. Now i couldn't find the wrong new user id in any file of the prime95 folder. Should i do something for deletion of the wrong userid?

Will try it again the next days. It should be ok to let it work on the numbers and change this later.

Thank you for your friendly help.
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I just downloaded the status file (I use the mirror you get redirected to at to see what happened with the exponent you mentioned in your post (M14844547). The relevant line is
14844547 D   66               1.4  49.6  86.6                   16-Jan-06 07:48  .              C368F6397
The dot indicates that the exponent is assigned to the default account, which can happen when something goes wrong (like the server hanging while you were communicating; just guessing). You could try communicating with the server with your mprime client like moo says.

What I think happened was that the primenet server could not verify your old UserID/UserPWD when you set up the new client, so it assigned you a new ID and password. The old account has probably not been touched at all, so it behaves like a separate account. I think you just can change the UserID/UserPWD in one client to that of the other, and then the accounts will be merged next time you communicate. Otherwise you can email George Woltman and he can do the merge manually.

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