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Default Anybody else lose the ability to comment on Youtube?

Has anyone else lost the ability to comment on Youtube? I get the little cursor thing, but typing does nothing. I know they've been updating it, so I'm hesitant to make post on Google forums about it. Separate login details and I'm perpetually logged in on here. Idk, maybe I should be permanent over there too.

And, yes, I know my posts anywhere tend to be low on "information density," but it's Mersenne forum people that think that, and somebody has to be on the low end of the distribution curve in any group.
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No problems here, except with their rabid promotion of Google+.
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Originally Posted by jasong View Post
Has anyone else lost the ability to comment on Youtube?
I saw someone else mention about it on Face book.
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Yeah! I've also read something about it on reddit!
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I just got rick-rolled by Batalov. bravo, sir, bravo.
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YouTube comments revamped, users give thumbs down

Google Product Forums › YouTube › Why can't I reply to youtube comments?
epontius Nov 6
On Wednesday, November 6, 2013 9:16:36 PM UTC-6, Cj Snow wrote:
Just experienced the switch. How do I reply to comments now?
You can reply to new comments made with the new system just the same way as you did before. You can see, but won't be able to reply to old comments made with the old system

Last fiddled with by only_human on 2013-11-12 at 15:45
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