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Post Doublecheck drive #2: k=300-400 n=260K-600K

A while back we used a PRPnet server on port 2000, loaded with doublecheck work for NPLB's 3rd Drive range of k=300-400, n=260K-600K as a test for PRPnet. Since then PRPnet has progressed out of the testing phase and moved on to "real" work, and the G2000 doublechck server's immediate usefulness was exhausted and we shut down the server.

Since we have a full set of first-pass residuals for this range from the 3rd Drive, what we're doing for this drive is just loading the results directly into the doublecheck database and having a script compare the firstpass and doublecheck databases. The problem is, we don't have the doublecheck database fully operational yet--so right now the results are just "in limbo", sitting around in the main results directory.

Essentially, up until now I've been just keeping track of which ranges have been doublechecked in this drive in my head. However, as the G2000 server passes further out of mind, this is not a really good long-term solution. Therefore, I'm starting this thread as a centralized place in which to keep track of which ranges have and haven't been done on this drive. The drive is NOT currently active; there's still plenty of much higher-priority work on Doublecheck Drive #1.

So, without further ado:
  n-range       tested by        Status
260K-350K       PRPnet (G2000)   complete
I won't sticky this thread for now since it's just for record-keeping purposes.

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