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Default Majoring in Math

Hi. I saw the thread the TravisT made and it made me do a little thinking. I'm a high school senior right now with interests in math and physics. I've been accepted to NC State and I'm probably going to be majoring in both mechanical engineering [for the job opportunities] and mathematics [because I love it]. I'm a little...frightened by the idea of majoring in mathematics after reading a lot of these posts over the past few months. How difficult would you say it is to major in mathematics? What kinds of classes are there available? I’ve never really considered what to do after calculus other than differential calculus, so what else is there? If I wanted to pursue graduate studies in mathematics, where would be a good place to do so?

If you have the time or interest, I’d also like to know what kind of math educations you guys have. Also, does anyone know if the fact that I’m 17 makes me somehow ineligible for the EFF prize money, should my prime candidate indeed be prime, that is? I might be 18 by the time it finishes running the LL test.

Any responses greatly appreciated!
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I can't help you with any of those questions, but sometime you'll have to stop by and visit the headquarters, which are right down the street from NCSU...

Did you know that Raleigh/Durham NC and Barberton OH are the centers of the math universe?
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Well, as you know, I haven't gotten very far, but if its any consolation, I didn't even take calculus my senior year because I was afraid of hitting my math limit. (something along the lines of "yeah, I was good at algebra/pre-calc, but what if calculus is too hard?") and then I ended up in art school for two years, but my science/math hunger got too strong. At first, I decided to major in computer science, in case I did hit my math limit. Needless to say, I haven't hit it yet, and at this point, I don't imagine I will :)
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Hey Jahodas. I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in math, the minor just kind of tags along with engineering. I'm also almost finished with a MS in ME with relevant graduate math classes. I think you are on an excellent path. Don't be too concerned with majoring in mathematics, it all comes in due course. As for types of classes, you have multivariate calculus, integral calculus, differential equations of various forms, which by the way are the crux of engineering, linear algebra, statistics, PDE's, and then you can get into numerical methods to solve all of this stuff, and on and on. There is no shortage to the language of science. Don't let this overwhelm you though, you don't have to have your path completely laid out at this stage. Just try stuff and see what you like, the jobs will come later. Just a few thoughts from a crazy grad student. PM me if you like.

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