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Apr 2009

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Just joined nplb...
Could you add a new team please ? Team Norway
..and myself...
'Zachariassen' the first member...
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I would like to join team [H]ard|OCP as user EricE.

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MyDogBuster's Avatar
May 2008
Wilmington, DE

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Welcome to both EricE for [H]ard|OCP and Zachariassen for Team Norway.

The stats DB will be updated shortly. Any credits gained before that will be retroactively posted.

If ya need any help with anything, just ask.

Last fiddled with by MyDogBuster on 2009-04-21 at 17:34
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Just call me Henry
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Sep 2007
Cambridge (GMT)

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If you want to put enough machines on it so that the n range goes high enough to create those testing times feel free. In fact please do.
That may start testing the servers though as it would mean many 1000s of machines to do it quickly. If you had that many machines you would probably want longer tests because of running out of internet bandwidth and to stop the servers going down.

Last fiddled with by henryzz on 2009-04-21 at 19:11
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Could you please add user tr0ach to Team [H]ard|OCP
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Feb 2009

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Please add user SazanEyes to team [H]ard|OCP
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Oct 2002
Glendale, AZ. (USA)

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trOach and SazanEyes and EricE were added to team [H]ard|OCP.
Zachariassen added to Team Norway

Welcome to NPLB! :)

Last fiddled with by IronBits on 2009-04-22 at 00:41
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gd_barnes's Avatar
May 2007
Kansas; USA

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Wow! Look at all the new folks. Welcome to NPLB everyone! Be ready to have some fun!

I think I smell another BBQ coming in a little under 4 weeks!

For the new folks, the BBQ's are our LLRnet rallies that we have from time to time. Most of the people in the project put all of their crunchers on one port and we see what we can knock out in 2 days time. After team "Raiders of the Lost Primes" (ROLP) won 3-4 in a row and after we started trash talking Free-DC, they rolled over everyone the last two rallies. The rallies are great fun!

ROLP needs your help! Join ROLP!


Last fiddled with by gd_barnes on 2009-04-22 at 03:49
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Apr 2008
Oslo, Norway

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Please add opyrt to Team Norway.
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Apr 2009

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Hi MyDogBuster, Ironbits and gd_barnes, and thanks for the nice receptions

Just checking out this project for my team (in case it get included in the Vault)
...and I've allready found my first prime
...and I've done my first mistake - after I restarted my llrnet-clients (in Terminal - I'm using Linux) I forgot to start 'em as "superuser" - That didn't work out well - I wasn't allowed to read the result to the 'result.txt'-file... well - what can I say - I'm a newbee... maybe I remember to write "sudo" before "./llrnet" next time I start these clients
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Aug 2008
Good old Germany

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Best advertisement: AMD Users
Problem: I´m a Intel-freak ;)

I think, I join the team that sounds most funny to my.

Please add me to ROLP.
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