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Originally Posted by RMLabrador View Post
Fibonacci vs Lucas))) Stupid me - 100%. I'n even correct the post, in the post, were link with hyperbolae, started as Fibonacci. Please, exuse (sic!) me.
Haha. We will ex use you every time we can.
You can compare A217120 and A081264 every time you want, to see if any common terms.

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А чи не вкинути нам трішки гівна у вентилятор?))
My life means nothing in the Great Equation! (Thodin, Astral-B Pair)

This was fun!
So, lets continue) Factors of Fibonacci numbers.
If p is prime, F(p)=П(k*p±1), F(p) - Fibonacci number, k - some integer numbers.

In general, for any n=(p1^k1)*(p2^k2)*(p3^k3)... F(n)=П(k*p1±1)*(k2*p2±1)(k3*p3±1)...

This easy proven by induction (from very start of Fibonacci sequence)

Outcome from this simple, and may be unknown rule is huge.
This is tini part of my current and i guess new knowlege, if I don't throw up this math bullshit, this lead us to the Symbolic factorization of numbers))))))))
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