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Apr 2003
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Default Favorite Competitive Sport / Athletic Endeavors

I'm curious as to the different competitive sports the members here play or have played and at what level. Since some members probably participate in other athletic activities that are not competitive, e.g. yoga, this is open to those who are involved in those activities.

I'll start by stating that I play pickleball. Although I don't play in tournaments, my skill level is somewhere around 4.0. If you have played then you probably have an idea how the rating system works.
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Feb 2005
Riverside, CA

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I played college (club) volleyball, and have coached womens' college VB for nearly 15 years.
Thus, the "vb" in my handle.

If car racing is a sport, I'm a decent amateur driver but a time-trialer and autocrosser rather than experienced wheel-to-wheel.

Also, a scratch-ish frisbee-golfer.

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Mar 2017
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VB. Great sport descended from rugby via American football and basketball. One can play this for most of a lifetime. Started playing for fun in high school. It has been great fun for decades. Sand, grass, or hardwood court, though I prefer summer sand. Used to play up to 6 days a week, with widely varying skill levels, which required mode switches daily. One day it would be low-skill recreational with an older crowd and a 2-hit-minimum rule, next day rec league play, another day intermediate, low-skill 1-hit-over allowed, college & young professional coed, and sometimes 3-player or 2-player a side intermediate/power on a Sunday afternoon (some of those folks could play 2 vs 6 and hold their own!); another night 3 hour stretches in a school gym followed by pizza and cards. Occasionally won or placed second in league playoffs; first prize was the coveted free pitcher of beer and bragging rights. Over the years, opponents and teammates have ranged from +30 to -30 in age differential, not counting minors. It could be great fun to whip a team of twenty-somethings, with a team averaging 50-something years. Skill, experience, and a bit of psychology combined to get that done, or to get a 6-inch-taller fit skilled opponent fully committed to an airborne block and then gently arc the ball just out of his reach to plop in the sand behind him after he windmills futilely at it. The spike-fake and confidence in their teammate meant the rest of his team didn't react to cover for his miss.

Darn pandemic put an end 2 years ago to the new team I had assembled the year before, a mix of 30s and 60s with real promise.
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"Carlos Pinho"
Oct 2011
Milton Keynes, UK

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Ex-Swimmer, specialised in 200M ๐Ÿฆ‹. Coached by Russians from Volga.

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Feb 2007

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I also play volleyball. I've played on A-level men's and coed teams for the last 20 years or more... although it's getting more and more difficult to keep up to these young kids

Golf is my other love. Went to state my senior year of high school and skills have slowly declined ever since. But still love to play.
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Mar 2016

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I prefer juggling, 5 balls if I am warmed up.

There was a time, I tried to make a living from juggling. I can teach it and tried four schools.
One hour juggling is a good preperation for math in the night.

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If I May
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"Chris Halsall"
Sep 2002

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Default Simply walking and/or hiking...

My personal favorite athletic thing to do is to simply walk. For several kM. At a brisk pace; hills welcomed.

And... Ideally, alone...

Some think that exercise is an opportunity to talk with others. For me, it is a time to think.

BTW... Exciting news... It's by invite only, but this next Saturday the Barbados Hash House Harriers are going to be operational again!

Batches of 30 humans will be released at a time. We are very carefully following the GoB's rules (and, frankly, are going even further beyond the tracing requirements).
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Apr 2003
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I honestly say that seeing such a diversity of skills is fascinating.
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May 2009
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Aside from cycling my whole life, back in the day I was totally into wind surfing,
mostly in Michigan.

When you catch a good breeze and you're planing at speed, it's as if you are on a magic carpet ride.
That was one of the most reliable ways for me to experience "flow", that feeling
when you are completely "in the zone" with no other intrusive thoughts.
I have wondered if that's what Buddhists mean when they describe meditating.
Some mathematicians have describes a mental state like that also.

I miss it greatly.
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Mar 2017
US midwest

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Parts of that flow article remind me of a sharp-focus programming experience in my college days. (That would be in the days of punch cards, and writing code on paper with pencil before going to a noisy room to punch rectangular holes in card stock.)
I realized later that I had gone through a progression where the outside world no longer existed to me, then the rest of the house, then the room, chair, table, paper and pencil, self, and finally the Fortran language disappeared, leaving only the program logic itself, like a flowchart I'd never made, not consisting of any pigment or media. Awareness came back in reverse order later.

That focus has since been approximated by fast challenging driving, or the more challenging moments of running a large chainsaw and its aftermath. Or when time slows down enough to hear the distinct sounds in sequence, of the many steps of a semi-auto shotgun's cycle.
Being in the zone also occurs in good VB play, and in solo sailing miles from anyone else. And in dance although it's rare and fleeting there for me.

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