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Question mersenne-to-go?

Hi there,
is it possible to take some short/partial work on a USB-stick (or so) to another computer?
Background: from time to time I have to print a number of booklets with a small printing machine which has a relatively powerful computer to process the print job, and which starts idling after all the data is transferred and the printer actually prints the pages. Although I can't bear watching the machine being bored to death I don't think it could get through one complete primalty test in the time the printing takes, so I don't want to reserve an extra exponent for this.
Is it possible to let the printing computer begin with the next exponent which is reserved for my home computer and then continue with the intermediate result at home when the preceding exponent is finished, without confusing the program or the server?

Regards, Matthias
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It should be possible to run Prime95 from a USB drive without many complications (after all, it'd be reported as the same user name and computer name no matter where you run it), but be sure to set it to not automatically start on boot or it could try to run a nonexistant program on startup. I suggest you make a new computer name for the USB drive and have it run separate assignments (maybe shorter ones like TF or DC instead of LL because work on it would likely be sporadic, and yeah I seriously doubt that you'd finish a primality test on it during one time of being there) than your main home computer. Also, if this is a multiple core machine, you can use v25 to run the one assignment on all the cores at once (keep in mind that if you want to do this it will decrease the overall throughput, but make each single test faster, something like finishing 2 tests every 30 days vs 1 test every 20 days). Go to for the download and upgrade instructions.

But, since you apparently don't own this computer, you need to get permission from the owner of the computer before you do this (make sure they understand what it will be doing, i.e. running the CPU at 100% for as long as you're there, making it generate more heat, use more electricity, making the AC for the building run harder, etc. even though doing it for a relatively short time will, of course, lessen the effects), or running it would be illegal.
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I read somwhere else in this forum, that assignments are considered as forgotten after a couple of days (60?) without communication to the server - this may be shorter than the time between two printing sessions, but it's not predictable for me (so it's difficult to guess a reasonable value for the vacation option mprime has). On the other hand I can easily guess the amount of GHz days our "printing" computer will have free during the printing session, so an option like "get work for about $n GHz days, and stop when finished" would be useful (advanced users may use manual testing, but I don't know which task will take how long).
v25 is already running here, the idea with the printing computer started growing when I merged the worktodo.ini-files into the worktodo.txt (my home computer has a double core). Permissions, power consumption and AC shouldn't cause trouble in my case, because I'm one of the three persons knowing how to work with our printing machine, and AC ... I'd wish the house had *any* kind of thermal isolation...
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