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Oct 2017

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Default how do I execute mprime in linux mint?

I downloaded the proper prime95 gz (for linux 32 bit) and expanded it - some .txt files and a file with no type "mprime" which mint thinks it is an executable. When I right-click and select "execute" on the resulting menu, nothing happens, not even an error msg. What now?
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Oct 2017

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You have to run "./mprime -m" first, to get in the Menu to configure mprime.
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It's a command-line program. Open a terminal, navigate to the folder where you have these files, and type ./mprime -m

The -m starts the program's menu, from which you can set it up to run the type of work you wish to run.
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There's also a possibility that it unpacked without execute permission. If the previous help doesn't work, right-click and choose the Permissions Tab. Look for a checkbox that says, "Allow executing file as program" and make sure it has a check mark.

Edit: Just a note that I have never used the -m switch and have run mprime on many distributions by simply using "./mprime" in its directory. Unless the -m is a new necessity, it shouldn't be needed to just invoke mprime from the $ prompt. Then again, I've never needed to "allow execution" with mprime, but I do with other executables, like the sievers from b2, so I offered the suggestion, just in case.

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I start mprime with command ./mprime -d to see how program starts, and have few details more :)
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For LinuxMint, I usually had to change the execute permissions at the command prompt e.g. sudo chmod 755 mprime
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