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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
Any hardware donation in Barbados? Or at least some Pascas?
No hardware donations; but I'm happy to advise on procurement and configuration of same. Also negotiation of connectivity from our local suppliers. It's a little more complicated when you're a tiny little island than those "away" fully appreciate.


Also, if I may please share, Barbados is handling this emergency incredibly well. I'm proud to say I'm involved in a small part of this effort, which I'll be able to share more details about next week.

P.S. The Barbados Hash House Harriers serve Mount Gay Rum, and Banks and Deputy beer (and wine for those who prefer that) after the walk/run. So that's covered...

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Originally Posted by VBCurtis View Post
Ken never travels, I guess.
Not far, lately. A trip of a few hundred miles is routine. I've been to Canada and Mexico repeatedly, and to most US states & DC. Security theater after 9/11/01 made long travel unpleasant and tedious, reasons to travel far for work ceased (so employer paying for it did too), and Covid19 makes commercial carrier travel risky, particularly for those of us at or past retirement age, and for those we may meet who are at risk for age or preexisting health condition reasons. Add in a summer of frequent mob violence in the streets of many large cities, and increasing crime generally, and the case for travel became less compelling.
Spending money for travel would mean less money available for gpus, cpus, and utility bills!
Now is not a very good time for travel.
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