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Roger, thanks. I'm tuning yafu now, and will do a test run on my current composite next.

Thanks again, everyone, for your patience.
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Good job, welcome to the club!

It seems like you are interested in aliquot sequences. Once you get the aliqueit running, you will have to get a good feeling on how the reservation system works. For a TL;DR version, I'll say just state a few casual pitfalls: 1) not every sequence than no one is working on needs work. Some of them (after a few iterations) join in the path of another sequence. 2) as a consequence, it may be not a good idea to immediately go into the range above 1,000,000 (or else one needs to have a good chart of what needs work and what doesn't). But I see from the reservations thread that you got a grip on that.
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Got it, thanks.

Yeah, I'm currently running on an ECMed c109 from 419760:628.

The only question is whether I run out of patience before the sequence runs out of 2^4*31. I suspect the answer to this question is "yes", but the fundamental properties of numbers are notorious for ignoring prayer :D

EDIT: Also, I'm finding relations, so things appear to be working correctly. Is there any way to see the number of predicted relations needed?

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As a quick note, after completing polynomial selection (which I was so unfamiliar with the output that I mistook it for sieving), yafu complained about

could not open rels0.dat for reading
Using these binaries worked fine (I'll look into efficiency later). I just had to give myself execute permission on them.
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