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Default Cognitive Impairment or Too Much Cheese?

Good morning/afternoon/evening, everyone.

I am only writing here for help with my initial account, which I seem unable to recall the password for. In attempting to reset the password I have run into two problems

1) The email account initially used no longer exists and has not for some number of years
2) When clicking "contact an administrator" the webpage goes to a blank screen. This has occurred on both my phone and an actual PC using three different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

After eating a platter of cheese and having a Spotted Cow to console myself I turned here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can PM the appropriate administrator after receiving the customary number of lashes.

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Presuming that you mean your PrimeNet account:

Send an e-mail with your particulars to:

Else if you mean MersenneForum contact Xyzzy or Batalov via PM.

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It was the latter. Thank you!
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