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Go Portland! Go Portland! Go Portland!
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GAH! Someone edit that last post and get rid of some of those bananas! They're wasting FAR too many CPU cycles!
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Originally Posted by jinydu
"Think of the biggest number you can and then double it, triple it, quadruple it. Sky's the limit.

You still won't be in Josh Findley's stratosphere. And you definitely won't be in the orbit of the tens of thousands of people who join him in a strange, unabashedly geeky quest for the largest prime number known to man."

I'm sure people have heard of the googolplex before. Its much bigger than M41.
Fermat numbers 0wnz googleplex.
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F333 is the first Fermat number bigger than a googolplex.

But in order for a Mersenne number to be bigger than a googolplex, the exponent most be over 3.32192809 googol!
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Digital Concepts
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Originally Posted by Prime95
I'd rate that write up as one of my favorites. Now, M42 where are you?
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Terrence Law
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Default Satisfying the New Mersenne Conjecture

Satisfying the New Mersenne Conjecture

Finally, 58*13466917+1 divides (2^13466917+1)/3, so the NMC remains alive.

Another result - 486*24036583+1 divides (2^24036583+1)/3, so the New Mersenne Conjecture still holds.
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Terrence Law
May 2004

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Default Off Topic - New Mersenne Conjecture.

Here is what they establish the New Mersenne Conjecture.

Let p be any odd natural number. If two of the following conditions hold, then so does the third:

1) p = 2^k +/- 1 or p = 4^k +/- 3

2) 2^p - 1 is a prime

3) (2^p + 1)/3 is a prime
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