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Originally Posted by S485122 View Post
One thing that we and the document perhaps forgot to say, or that you did not notice : when changing settings or data in the configuration or work files, it is best to stop Prime95, when you restart it, it reads local.txt, prime.txt and worktodo.txt again.

There is a trick you can use to modify worktodo.txt without stopping Prime95/mprime first.

It's based on the fact that if you create a worktodo.add file (or worktodo.add.txt) in the same working directory as your worktodo.txt file, then the next time the program does a disk write to save the p* savefiles, it will read the "add" file and append its lines to the existing worktodo.txt file.

The interval in minutes is specified in the DiskWriteTime= line in prime.txt, and is usually 30 minutes. So you can just look at the timestamp for the most recent p* savefile, and figure out when the next disk write is due.

So if you want to edit the worktodo.txt file without stopping Prime95/mprime, you can just go ahead and edit it and then create an empty worktodo.add (or worktodo.add.txt) file. At the next disk write, the program will read the empty "add" file, "append" nothing to the worktodo.txt file, and voilĂ , you've just successfully modified worktodo.txt

Note, if you merely edit the worktodo.txt file and fail to create an empty worktodo.add (or worktodo.add.txt) file, then at the next disk write your edits will get overwritten and the original version of worktodo.txt will be restored.

This method is primarily useful if you are running mprime on a server, starting automatically at boot time, and don't have a convenient user interface to start and stop it.

There is only one way the above method might fail: if an exponent is very close to completing, and actually completes before the next scheduled disk write. The program then overwrites the existing worktodo.txt file, removing the top line to reflect the completion of that exponent, so it will probably undo your edit before it proceeds to read the empty worktodo.add (or worktodo.add.txt) file. I haven't tested this fail scenario though, but I suspect it might happen.
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After 24h pausewhilerunning started to work fine (sleeping at chosen time and then restarting), no idea why it needed 24h to start working properly. Hopefully it will stay this way, thank you for all help.
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Hi all, so the pausewhilerunning feature seems to work when I start prime95 during period when it is supposed to sleep, it then goes to sleep when I start it, and then resume the work as specified in the prime.txt, e.g.

DaysBetweenCheckins= 1
PauseWhileRunning=*[1] during 1-7/19:07-19:30


[Worker #1]

works fine when I start prime95 between 19:07 and 19:30 however if I start prime95 at 19:00 it will not go to sleep at 19:07 unless I restart it between 19:07 and 19:30,

do you have any idea what may be done to fix it? I have had that issue since my last post but would be nice to get it to work properly.

Thank you in advance.
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