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Sep 2016
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Default Newbie here.....dumb question?

Problem PC is a:
Dell Inspiron 570
Upgraded CPU to AMD Athlon II X4 2800Ghz
600W PSU
Was running Win7 Home until yesterday went to Win10 Home
Radeon 6850 video card

Couldn't determine the cause of BSOD when running Win 7. Running "bluescreenviewer" was pointing to same kernel problem. Ran "memtest" to check memory and Prime 95 to check both CPU and memory. Didn't run the tests very long (~ an hour both) and probably should have. Both tests were OK.

Decided to upgrade to Win10 Home yesterday in case it was a Windows problem. Ran memtest overnight and no faults found. Ran Prime 95 this AM and within an hour the test failed with error message:

Instruction at 0x0000000140FE9C4 referenced memory at 0x00000000021B8030. The memory could not be found.

Ran Prime 95 again and at the 1 hour 4 minute mark, Worker #4 stopped indicating HARDWARE FAILURE.

What exactly is Worker #4? CPU Core #4?

Workers 1, 2 and 3 continue to run without issue after almost 2 hours.

I've reached both the end of my tech knowledge AND wits trying to get this PC to run right for my boy who likes to game.

Any thoughts what to do next?
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Upgraded CPU... How properly did you clean and reinstall thermal paste and heatsink?

Do you have anything monitoring the CPU temps?

Most common sources:

- Overheating CPU
- Bad RAM
- Bad Power Supply
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Sep 2002
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Install some temperature monitoring software.

Perhaps your PSU is borderline especially if it is an inferior make, although looks adequate if I plug the figures into:

I am curious about "7GB" of RAM, what stick sizes and configuration do you have?

(There is also a possibility of a bad driver.)

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