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Default client problem

here are the latest prime.log entries made by client 21.4 for FreeBSD:

[Mon Oct 14 03:19:35 2002 - ver 21.4]
Updating computer information on the server
Sending expected completion date for M16657273: Oct 26 2002
[Wed Oct 16 00:31:41 2002 - ver 21.4]
Getting exponents from server
ERROR 2250: Server unavailable
[Wed Oct 16 01:31:50 2002 - ver 21.4]
Getting exponents from server
Sending expected completion date for M16841653: Nov 22 2002

as far as I can understand, all intermediate results of previous exponent were lost due to the only server failure. however, the 22.9.1/Windows client has cope with the situation correctly.

is this a specific bug of FreeBSD client? are there any plans to release updated FreeBSD and/or Linux clients?
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I don't see any information being lost here.

The log shows that the client was trying to get a new exponent from the server (since M16657273 has only a few days (~10) to go before it completes) but there was a server problem.

Then a bit later the client tries again, this time successfully, to get a new exponent. It then informs the server of the expected completion date for the new exponent.

If you look at the assigned list on the server, the original exponent is still assigned to you. If the client is still working on M16657273 and M16841653 is still in your WTD, then you don't have a problem.
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