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Oct 2002

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Default Problem running prime-net on debian (woody) dual processor

Hello, I used apt to install mprime on my computer, but it calls it prime-net, just in case anyone asks.

The problem is that I started the prime-net went through the config, and it started running just fine. But I noticed that it didn't load both my processors. So I read the readme, which said to run another copy of the program with the -An option. Well, on my debian system, it uses the start-stop-daemon so I had to give the other process a new name. I named it prime-net2. Now the command line options I used were:

prime-net -B
prime-net2 -A2 -B

I checked in /var/lib/prime-net and sure enough there are two copies of the ini files. I checked and there is also two copies of the log files. I wanted to be able to distinguish the two processes on the webpage for account info, so I gave them different machine ID's. I did this manually in the ini files.

But the problem is that the webpage doesn't seem to agree with my log files, and neither one has updated in a week. Which seems odd because when I ran just the single process it would update in about 3 days.

Here are my log files:
$ zcat /var/log/prime-net.log.1.gz
[Fri Oct 11 17:02:43 2002 - ver 21.4]
ERROR: Primenet error 1
[Fri Oct 11 18:02:43 2002 - ver 21.4]
ERROR: Primenet error 1
[Fri Oct 11 19:02:47 2002 - ver 21.4]
Sending text message to server:
UID: thedagit/eggplant1, M16795939 completed P-1, B1=205000, B2=4202500, WX2: B2D7C953
Sending result to server for exponent 16795939

$ cat /var/log/prim0002.log
[Thu Oct 10 12:08:34 2002 - ver 21.4]
Updating computer information on the server
Getting exponents from server
Sending expected completion date for M16796089: Nov 13 2002
[Fri Oct 11 02:27:42 2002 - ver 21.4]
Sending text message to server:
M16796089 completed P-1, B1=255000, B2=255000, WX2: B29941AD
Sending result to server for exponent 16796089

But when I check the webpage it looks like this:
prime fact current days
exponent bits iteration run / to go / exp date updated date assigned computer ID Mhz Ver
-------- -- ---- --------- ----------------- --------------- --------------- ------------ ---- ---
16795939 66 8.0 26.0 80.0 12-Oct-02 02:03 10-Oct-02 19:05 eggplant1 0 v19/v20

Lucas-Lehmer testing : 1
Factoring only : 0
Double-checking LL : 0
---------------------- -------

Anyone know what is going on? BTW, top reports that both processes are happily chugging away. But it seems that the processes are not doing any work, and even if they are, they are not reporting to the server correctly.

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Aug 2002

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I checked the assignment report on PrimeNet and it appears that the userid isn't setup correctly on the second instance. It is assigned to user ".", computer eggplant2. You need to make sure that in both the prime.ini files (the second one should be prime002.ini or something) that there is an entry like:


Or alternatively, for each instance run primenet using the -m option and select the user information option (I think it is option 2) and re-enter your user information, making sure that the User ID is the same for each instance.

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Oct 2002

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Ok, I added the line UserId=thedagit

Now that file reads:

Where my password is of course not "(omited)", but something else. Is there anyway to merge the results assosicated with user "." on computer eggplant2 with my user name thedagit?

Thanks for the help, let me know if there is anything else I should change. And I'll post again if I have more problems.

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Sep 2002

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You might want to ask George to delete that exponent from the assigned report. What he told me is, when the server says an exponent is assigned to '.', it means the server is confused. For me, he deleted the assignment and then I went in and told it to manually communicate with the server. It now showed up under my account.

Hope this helps,
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