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Question Need to Retire an Old Box

I'm a newbie, having only been Mersenne-prime hunting since June 1, 2005. I just donated my old dual-933MHz PIII HP LC2000 to my church, but before doing so I unreserved the two exponents that box was working on and used the quit GIMPS command before uninstalling Prime95. However, I think I may have screwed something up since my individual account report still shows that I have two machines assigned to PrimeNet. Also, the report indicates that I still have two exponents assigned to the LC2000. Any thoughts on how to remedy this? I don't want to waste anyone else's CPU time on exponents I have abandoned. Many thanks!
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You can send email to George Woltman woltman (at) explaining your situation and he will take care of it.
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you can let the exponents time out and primenet will take them back. I think the max is 60 days.
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