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Unhappy GMP-ECM crash on win XP SP3

I have a couple of clients where gmp-ecm crashes on Windows XP SP3. Does anybody knows about such problems?
I used the c2d win 32 version, which was mentioned in the precompiled versions thread.
GMP-ECM finishes with 0xc0000005, don't know what this means. ECM starts and crashes somewhere in step 2.
- crashing host:
- ECM output
- more collected info:

Any idea would be appreciated.
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Just a guess: at B1 = 110M, stage 2 needs MUCH memory - according to your output it's using nearly 1.5 GB. If this amount of memory is not available (for example if other memory-intensive processes like ECM stage 2 or p-1 stage 2 are running on the core2quad which you posted), GMP-ECM will crash during stage 2. The output looks much like similar crashes I got when I started a too memory-intensive ECM-job on my computer.

you can use the -maxmem optoion of GMP-ECM to force it to use less memory. Due to a smaller amount of memory used, stage 2 will then take longer.

useage: -maxmem <MB of memory to use>
example: -maxmem 800 will limit the memory useage to (approx.) 800 MB.

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Jeff Gilchrist
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If memory is not the problem, I just posted a 32bit Core2 version for Win32 on my factoring binaries site, you could try that as well:
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