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Default Work to do for old CPU

Where can I get a little work for a

P 200 @ 340 MB RAM and

K6 400 @ 512 MB RAM?

Is there an (USB-)version from Prime95 without installing to get?


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There was development here on a bootable linux distro that performs Prime95 stress-tests, but i dont think it was ever intended to participate with GIMPS.

I assume your looking for a version that can commit itself to system memory and doesnt require the usb drive's presence?

As for the CPU's, they could help factor. I wouldn't recommend LL testing on those machines. My Pentium MMX 233mhz machine finished a first time LL about 3 months ago. It took about 1050 days!!! Exponents avalible today would take much longer.
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I think what he meant with "without installing" is that you just plug in the USB stick and start the program, without any installation to HDD or addition of registry keys.

AFAIK, running straight from the USB stick is possible. I haven't tested it with GIMPS, but prime95 alone does work.
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Try the Lone Mersenne Hunters forum. Your computers are too slow for primality testing and I suspect for regular factoring as well. LMH will allow your computers to accomplish something meaningful.
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Mar 2006

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I am back - after registration

Ok - I will give the work question to LMH Forum.

Running Prime95 from The USB-Stick: I will try to run it after simply copying from a installed Version. GIMPS is not needed, because I fill the work.ini by myself with factor from LHM Forum.

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You could help find some factors for PSP sieving.
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Prime95 runs from USB stick, hard drive, wherever. No installation is required, just unzip the binaries and run it wherever. The program doesn't care.
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