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Default Not showing up in stats (mostly).

Using a hub now, it has affected NFSNET on my PC and in the stats.

I've had an ethernet card in my PC from before starting NFSNET, but I wasn't using it.
Have dialup so I had a R guid.
Using the ethernet card caused NFSNET to decide I had a new guid.
It was complaining about the guid not matching so I patched the config.txt to reflect the new M guid and modified the computerid also, it no longer mentions a conflict.

For the most part it no longer includes my PC except for the page that lists work by computer, where the work since the M guid started is listed under unknown unknown M0050BA4D5610 .

From the page

user id computer Id guid
dsouza123 0021 R8C3425C20A87 7.47 6562 13 Oct 2003 29 Nov 2003

unknown unknown M0050BA4D5610 0.46 409 30 Nov 2003 3 Dec 2003

Should be
dsouza123 1021 M0050BA4D5610 0.46 409 30 Nov 2003 3 Dec 2003
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That's easy to fix.

When something like this happens, just send me an e-mail "richard at nfsnet dot org" and I'll register the new ID to you.

The new registration should show up tonight and all of those WUs should be properly assigned.

In the future, if something like this happens, you can also force a re-registration by stopping, deleting the projects/pool directory, and restarting.


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Thanks for fixing it.

I am glad it wasn't a hard thing to do or alot of work.

I wasn't aware of the email address or the other way of getting reregistered.

I waited, thinking that with the client program no longer warning me, that the server might catch up and update itself with the corrected information automatically, now I understand it is a manual process.
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