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Oct 2021

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Default Lucy space mission

NASA is a fundamental pervasive phenomenon. From teaching kids to being an umbrella to numerous missions and projects, researches and technological advancements through numerous tests in the labs, NASA is the heritage and a leader in the same time.

And the Lucy mission is so ambitious, going to space as far as Jupiter orbit! Investigation of the Trojan asteroids is the precious data. With this mission we will be able to get precise data to work on, as the asteroids are one of the main parts of the Solar system, still having its hypotheses and mysteries.
Going to an asteroid itself makes any mission remarkable.

It is great that the Lucy mission is going correct.

Pioneering for the space always has huge potential.
Special missions bring precious data.

And what is great, that with smaller ones we go from breakthroughs to routines. While it took 60 years for satellites become a daily thing.
It takes couple decades or less for landing asteroids to take it's steps forward to become a regular thing. More countries are following US and Japan. UAE is going for it.

Combining the cooperative data from all the missions will make a huge leap for our understanding of the Solar system, hence safety and understanding of the future.

It is not of big surprise, that other countries go after the leaders:
1. What leaders are doing is numerous tests and refinements until the process is ready to go.
2. Any big project involves many countries' cooperation for the effectiveness of testing and production.
What is once a breakthrough becomes a routine sooner or later. Nowadays as soon as possible.
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Default Lucy: A new rocket launch to study Trojan Asteroids near Jupiter

Hi all,

The October 16, 2021 marked the launch of a rocket nicknamed "Lucy" after the 3.5 Million year old skeleton found in Ethiopia and the Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds".

This rocket's mission is to explore the Trojan asteroids, a population of primitive asteroids orbiting in tandem with Jupiter. Mostly in the L4 LaGrange point of the Jupiter orbit.

They will fly the distance to Jupiter, but not concentrate on jupiter. Maybee these asteroids have clues about our early universel.

See the Astronomy Picture of the day for October 20, 2021.

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Note: 2 threads merged and located to proper subforum.
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Oct 2021

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Thank you for the amendment.
I have checked before posting, might be without some additional conditions?
Is it ok to go on here?

Right. The Beatles song comes to mind fast when the Lucy mission is mentioned. But it was named due to fossil compound.
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Solar wing jammed on NASA spacecraft chasing asteroids
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) - NASA is debating whether to try to fix a jammed solar panel on its newly launched Lucy spacecraft, en route to explore an unprecedented number of asteroids.

The problem cropped up shortly after the spacecraft's Oct. 16 liftoff on a 12-year journey.

After measuring the electric current this week, NASA reported Wednesday that one of Lucy's two giant, circular solar panels is only between 75% and 95% extended. A lanyard is holding it in place.

Any attempt at reopening the wing โ€” which is 24 feet in diameter (7 meters) โ€” would not occur before mid-November.
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Meet Lucy at 2:10.
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