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Default What happened to my stats?

I've been noticing something that I hope is just growing pains during the transition to the V5 server, but it appears to be getting worse to me. Back in the first part of October I was ranked at 30th place in the top producer's list. It may sound corny to some of you, but the pride I get from the competition is part of the reason I'm doing this. Anyway, on or about the 20th of October, the V4 server went down. I read there was a drive failure in a raid set or something of that matter. Regardless, I think Scott and George decided the time was ripe to move ahead to V5. I gave it a few days, created my V5 account, linked my V4 account and went to task at upgrading my near 100 systems that are running the software to 25.7. I watched the process as they showed up in my "CPUs" list and started getting assignments and returning work.

I used to take advantage of the lists and graphs that Team Prime Rib would parse out and post on their website:
and would check the graphs to see who was running slower than me, who was running faster, when I could expect to move up, and when I could expect to get passed.

Now, while I think I've got most if not all of my systems moved over and reporting to the V5 server, I watch the "Top Producers" list and see my rank starting not at the 30th place I was previously, but in 75th, and to make matters worse, I see that my rank is PLUMMETTING!. This morning I checked and found myself to be in 429th place.

Have I done something wrong on my end or is this just one of those things that need some time to get rinsed out?

All opinions and recommendations are welcome.
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Well the v4 points were converted at 5.075 per so you should have at least 47,669 points from v4 which at the current stat of conversion would put you in the top 20 .... I am guessing the 1810 you have now are just from v5???

My v4 points are in my totals since yesterday ... but maybe George hasn't finished converting everyone yet???
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Some of the people who created a v5 account and linked their v4 account after you did probably then appeared in the v5 stats higher than you, pushing you down.

I was very high in the rankings when there were only a few users - felt nice while it lasted - and I expect to fall further until most people are on board. My rank still includes v4 credit, too.

Last fiddled with by markr on 2008-11-19 at 20:43
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For some strange reason, you are one of 9 lucky users who had their v4 credit assigned 2006-12-31. Everyone else got credited 2008-10-20.

Since the top producers report shows stats for the last year, you are at somewhat of a disadvantage!

I'll fix it.
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Cool! What do I win?

Thanks for looking into it.
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